Condemned – 1937 (Single)


Condemned – 1937 (Single)

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Condemned - 1937

Abandoned by the World
Searchally isolated
Played to die alone
Condemned tô solitude

Cursed by the Wind
Waiting for the goodbye time
Dilacerated ALL skin
No time to fight

Fear, pain, cry
Fear pain cry
Death, madness, scream
Death, fear, tears

Condemned by ignorante
Without Hope
They suffered
Separated by River
One night of fever
Beg for help
Beg for mercy
Separated from family



Em 2020 já foi dado o pontapé inicial da nova jornada com o lançamento do single Condemned - 1937, que dá um gostinho da sonoridade que a banda irá trazer no seu próximo trabalho.