Trivial Chaos


Trivial Chaos

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Trivial Chaos

There’s no silence around
Nobody can listen to me
The noise shakes my brain
It’s the paradise man

Diversity of calamity
Madness and affliction
Building the reality
Putting out the fear

Racional animal
You are welcome to the chaos
Forget the order, forget the laws
It doesn’t matter about what will befall

We are among the ambiguity
What’s control for you?
The jungle is here
Violence break the monotony and
It’s so good to see on TV.

Nobody knows where is the perfect direction
Discover it by yourself, in this unforgettable pierce of hell
The chaotic spectacle
Has the fidelity of the public
In the reality show of the terror

Ready To Kill

In the war, in the war
The killer clothes represent the mission
The fear is so small
This is the end
The end of everything that stands

In the front, in the front
The killer is ready to kill
Bodies are like a dunghill
Time is always on his side
Innocent victims are slaughtered with wrath
He’s always prepared for attack

Terror, death, destruction
The soldiers are ready to kill
We hold a flag drenched in blood
Our pleasure is so real

The time has come to close your eyes
A death call arises
Your downfall is his gain
This is the end of this domain

Hidding The Face

The hypocrites are the creeping like
A dark cloud the blood become
Sign for quiet why become there is domination

See cloves covered disfigured worms
The rules confirmed authority

False authority, madness, hypocrisy

Even got to resist dogmas exploration

Many victims by their dirty power
People pay to be mistaken
We won’t believe in lies

The laughs there
Waiting your suffer
The evil will be victorious
Malediction falls doesn’t fall anywhere

Dominus Tecum

All nights I think about my faith
The doubts appear quickly
Indeed I don’t believe in this fake
When something is going wrong I remember you
I try to get solutions
But to me it’s not true

One god for you
Another god for me
It depends on you
How you can see

I hear many people it annoys me
Tell me what’s the better way
The culture don’t permit to follow another doctrine
I don’t get to break the chains
You’re blind in front of the images that you can’t forget

I build my own illusions
That’s my conception
I want to take my own conclusions
I don’t need your acceptance

Many people have been waiting for a divine intervention
Your faith don’t convince me
I’ve been knowing different gods
I don’t believe in your god
You won’t shake my ideas
Close your book and go away
We will play another game

Cursed Weft

Impossible to judge impossible to display a divine condition
But the flesh is junk in the hand
The delivered body is murder
The just believe is justify because the lie is something usual
Failed institution false crimes paid with lifes

The priests are killing raping and lying
They living of theft
That is the way of life

Tears of blood
Cursed weft forged miracles illusion and blasphemy
Swift profit through the lies
The avarice call and the stupidity donate waiting to die

Share the same blood
Ideology put in doubt by the own protects lies arrangement

The priest are killing raping and lying
They living of theft
That is the way of life

Puritan Hypocrisy

Lying to live in your rotten world
Where the people searching remains
The hypocrites are cropping up everywhere
Mediocre brains
You can’t keeping up with what is around you.

Condemned by the ignorance
You’ll work like cursed slaves
Many people believe in your power
Millions by the hour
Your ideas are spread around the world by the idiots

Who is against your rules won’t be tolerated
You’ll feel the pain
Inside your brains
Words won’t change the way you are
That price you’ll have to pay

Burn your bodies
We need to see
Kill the masters of the puritan hypocrisy



O Death Metal apresentado pela banda continua muito forte e agora mostra bastante variedade instrumental entre músicas, ou seja, nada de pancadaria absurda, nem bateria sendo ‘martelada’ o tempo todo. É Death Metal tradicional, dos bons, com pomposos riffs e solos de guitarra, muito peso e andamentos cadenciados nas músicas apresentadas. “Ready To Kill” é um exemplo dessa gama de variação apresentada em “Trivial Chaos”, trazendo momentos mais abruptos, mas sem deixar de lado o peso e cadencia da sonoridade do Tanatron. Ao decorrer da Demo podemos encontrar vários destaques, como “Hidding the Face”, “Dominus Tecum” (com sua ‘pegada’ Thrash Metal) e “Puritan Hypocrisy”. A formação da banda conta os irmãos Nyelson Weber (baixo/vocal) e Nynrod Weber (guitarra) e, ainda, o baterista Weeslem Lima. Boa gravação e encarte completo (letras, foto, informações, etc.). Com certeza um dos destaques da atual cena Death Metal nacional. Que venha o ‘full length’!

(Resenha por Valterlir Mendes - Recife Metal Law)