Live Or Die


Live Or Die

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Untitled (Punk Song)

You think I'm going to die
But I swear this is not a lie
Not now, not this time

I let you believe that
Not because I'm evil or something else
It’s just for fun

I want you to get mad at me
And I want you to find someone you can trust
But you only want what it sucks
And that is why I'm here with you

Live Or Die

You can give up on life, but you're not alone
Just have to decide about live or die
Before you have a breakdown

You're giving up, you' are not alone
Do you want to decide about live or die
Or just having a breakdown

You'll never be alone
But you'll have do this by your own

My Time

My time, this is my time
To make you really believe I'm doing fine
But this time it'll be different
What you did to me... You'll regret it again

My time, well if this time is mine
Better you learn to live without me tonight
I left you behind… Do you know when?

There's a lot things running through my head
Only crazy ideas come from there
But life isn't like before...


I feed the fire to make myself come
My pleasure playing for you all night long
This one belief i have: my guitar
That's why I'm not exactly like you all

Hey, guess what do I have in my hands
And I won’t be slave of my destiny
‘Cause these days I feel like I could change the world

I was born black but I feel my soul is free
Maybe you didn't know that but I take what belongs to me


Tonight I’ll be the one
That you will be proud to seeing here
I will do much more than you think I can
And you will love me for it

I'd really be lying
If I said that
I did not want this life for me

New Way Of Living

You won't see me rising as the great wall
This feeling… you'll never know how it is
Because you are and feel like someone
Who's not strong, and give up easily

Someday I hope you learn to fight for things you like
Someday I hope you learn to fight for

Because die is the new way of living
And living is the same old thing
The only reason you have to keep breathing...
This "the oncoming end"



Todas as músicas foram compostas por Tiago Diniz e Paulo Moraes, e arranjadas pela própria banda. As músicas do Live Or Die foram gravadas, produzidas e mixadas entre janeiro e maio de 2013 no estúdio KM4 por Ruan Cruz, exceto "Jimi", gravada, produzida e mixada em agosto de 2012 por Adnon Soares no Estúdio Casalouca.